Frequently Asked Questions

How much horsepower will a 700R4 handle?

This is the most frequently asked question. We are going to assume that the real question is will the 700R4 transmission survive in my car without causing me endless grief? It has been our experience that a properly built and installed TH-700R4 will live a very long life in full sized cars behind even stout big block motors. We build these transmissions in three different performance levels; it's important honestly to choose a performance level equal to your cars engine output, vehicle weight, rear end ratio, tires size and take into account your particlular driving habits. Our performance levels are based on eleven years of custom installation experience and we feel they are realistic. It would be to your advantage to choose wisely since you will not like removing and returning the transmission for repairs, no matter how gracious our company is about fixing it!

The above information is not to imply that these transmissions are indestructible, just very tough and reliable if installed, set up and supported correctly. We have found our Level Three transmissions to be reliable to about 10 flat in the quarter mile in 3600 to 3800 pound cars. Beyond this figure we have very little experience for two reasons. We build high performance street transmissions. The vast majority of our customers want a high performance street transmission not a full race unit. (They have nicer light throttle manners where most people drive 99% of the time.) Our typical customer is a casual drag racer and only runs the car at the drag strip a couple of times a year.

We know everyone believes that they can drive a street-able full size big block Chevelle back and forth to work daily then cut low ten-second E.T.'s on the week ends at the local drag strip. We have a very difficult finding anyone that can show us real time slips that prove this. Please note that we carefully used the words "STREET-ABLE". Please don’t flood us with time slips proving us wrong because we know there are lots of cars that prowl the streets looking for people to humiliate with their race cars disguised as daily drivers. For you folks Lenco’s and custom built Power-glides, Th-400s or any number of manual transmissions work great. If you hard core guys want an overdrive, Gear Venders or the 4l80E (We keep 4L80E's and their computer systems in stock too!) are reasonable choices. For everyone else looking for a dependable high performance transmission that will hang in there down to ten flats, you will be hard pressed to find a better choice than a TH-700R4 (or for that matter, a Th-2004R).