Frequently Asked Questions

I’m really new to this kind of stuff, is it reasonable for someone with little experience to hope to tackle and complete a change over like this?

If you are willing to call us for information and show patience, installing one of these nifty overdrive transmission is certainly within the capabilities of a beginning car enthusiasts capabilities. Using our custom TV Made EZ systems, custom designed direct bolt in cross members, torque converter lock up kits and shifter conversion kits, the popular 50s, 60s and 70s classics, are pretty simple to do with a floor jack, jack stands and simple hand tools. If you wish to modify your existing cross member, you will need a torch, welder and grinder in most cases. Most people know someone that has these special tools and would be willing to help. After the transmission is mounted in the car, the rest is done using simple hand tools. Just take each small task one at a time and in a short time it will be in and running. You will be ready to start enjoying the benefits of overdrive!