Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to install a TH-700R4 overdrive automatic transmission in Fifties, Sixties or Seventies Chevrolet car or truck.

Installing a TH-700R4 transmission into a vehicle that already has a TH-350 or Aluminum Powerglide is normally very simple because the Th-7004R is only slightly over 3" longer than either the short tail housing Th-350 or the long tail housing aluminum PowerGlide and is the same length as a long tail housing Th-350. The drive shaft slip yoke uses the same 27 spline count so it will only require shortening the drive shaft tube! The Th-400 transmissions used a 32 spline yoke on the transmission end of the drive-shaft so it would need to be changed to the 27 spline unit. The drive shaft tube would also need to be shortened and the whole assembly balanced. You need to call your local drive shaft service company for their specific charges to perform these services. Our installation guidelines, included with every transmission we ship, clearly illustrates how to measure so your local drive shaft service company can alter it properly.

Most conversions will require the cross member to be modified and relocated slightly or you can simply purchase one of our custom made units.

Most original transmission cooling line sets will work just fine once they have been "reshaped" slightly to line up with the fittings at the transmission end.

Our custom engineered TV Made EZ systems make setting the critical TV cable relationship a very quick and simple procedure and you will be very comfortable that it's correct when you follow our set up procedure! From start to finish, our TV Made EZ systems should not take more than an hour to install, set up and pressure test!