Step 1
In your kit, is a red wire with a fuse attached to it. This wire will provide the power to your circuit. Start by striping off a small section to expose the bare wire on each end. Crimp a female spade connector on each end.
Step 2
(ATO fuse shown, we also provide one for the glass fuses) 
Find a keyed on power source from your fuse panel. Remove the fuse for the power source, and attach the fuse tap as shown in the pictures. Now reinstall the fuse.

[Click here to for instructions on how to find a keyed on power source]
Step 3
On the relay wire harness, there is a white wire. This wire will tap into your brake light circuit. This is to allow the converter to unlock when you step on the brake pedal. Strip the end of the wire and crimp on a male spade connector.
Step 4
(Orange wire represents your brake light circuit)
Locate your brake light circuit on your vehicle. Most vehicles will only have one wire running to each light. This is because the lights are grounded to the chassis. Connect the provided T-Tap to the line and plug the white wire into the T-Tap.
Step 5
The black wire is for the ground. You can drill a small hole in a non visible area, and fasten the wire to the chassis using a screw.
Step 6
This is a 2004R with the connector for the Lockup system situated on the driver side of the Transmission
This is a 700R4 with the connector for the Lockup system situated on the driver side of the Transmission
Depending on which transmission you have, install the white male connector into the female connector on the transmission.
Feed the red wire coming from the male connector through the fire wall and crimp on a female spade connector by striping a small section of the end to expose the bare wire, then crimp on the connector.
(Click pics for close-up of transmission installation.)
Step 7
   Once you have the connector plugged into the transmission, take the end of the red wire from that connector, and strip the end to expose the bare wire. Now crimp on the female bare metal connector.
Step 8
Take your relay wiring harness and insert the red wire and connector from the previous step and slide it into the 87a slot (located in the center of the harness) of the harness. Be sure it locks in. If it does not lock in, try turning it around. It only goes in one way.