Step 1
If you have already installed your wiring kit, you will need to remove the male connector from the transmission. Open the top of the connector. Using the pictures above to orient yourself with your connector, remove the rubber plug that is located in the 'D' position. At the end of the blue wire, there is a metal prong pre-crimped onto the end of the wire. Slide the metal prong into the 'D' position and snap it in. It should not come out once it's in so be sure to check that it does not.
Step 2
  Run the blue wire through your firewall just as you did for the red wire.
At the opposite end of the blue wire, strip off a small section to expose the bare wire. Now crimp on a male spade connector.
Step 3
Connect the T-Tap to the red wire coming from the male connector in the transmission, any spot will work. Connect the blue wire to the T-Tap.
Step 4
Find a spot where you would like to mount the toggle switch. Bring the blue wire up to that spot and cut it in two. Strip both ends to expose the bare wire and crimp on the ends. Slide each end onto the terminals on the toggle switch.